Extending DevOps Principles to Capacity Management - Download White Paper (PDF)

Extending DevOps Principles to Capacity Management

extending devops principles to capacity management

IT organizations face two critical requirements. They must avoid excess costs, as well as, provide the right level of infrastructure resource capacity to ensure reliable performance, maintain availability and support innovation. These objectives become more challenging as the enterprise environment grows more complex and dynamic. DevOps uses iterative deployments and frequent feedback to produce better results faster and in a collaborative fashion.

BMC has put together an informative eBook that explores the principles, processes, and proactiveness of BizOps and how it was put into action at Cerner to transform the company’s capacity management practice. The success Cerner has had with BizOps provides guidance for organizations in every industry, seeking to optimize service and cost.

This whitepaper explores how Cerner improved service and optimized utilization through collaboration. This whitepaper also takes an extensive look at Cerner’s success with BizOps outlining their optimization challenges, how they were able to balance cost, performance and business risks, their approach to capacity management, the BizOps process they took and much more. Learn how the success of Cerner can help you improve your own capacity management.

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