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Experts Share Their Strategies for Securing Critical Infrastructure in the Power Industry

Traditionally, most cyberattacks have come through the auspices of Internet Technology (IT) and have affected offices and infrastructure. However, in the last few years, a growing number of cyberattacks have now targeted Plants and Factories via Operational Technology or OT. Protecting OT assets are more difficult than IT assets as OT faces unique challenges in their world.

In many OT environments (plants and factories) the assets are more than 30 years old. A majority of the assets pre-date the internet and protecting them from a cyberattack can be quite difficult. The cybersecurity needs to be at its highest level to protect from any attacks as many office workers use devices such as tablets in their work which could be a portal for hackers to get through. Doubled-down security and possibly using cloud-based platforms (intra-office and plant assets) would provide the best protection against cyber-attack.