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Evolving Micro Segmentation for Preventive Security

Since the dawn of the internet age, businesses have constantly been under the threat of attack by hackers. Lost data, breached data, loss of sensitive data and loss of trust with the customer base are all symptoms of a compromised data breach from an attack.

Hackers over the years have constantly changed their ways of attack and methods of getting through which has caused IT departments across the country to “scramble the jets”, so to speak. It’s a constant “cat and mouse” game between IT and hackers. This continual game of catch-up has taken its’ toll on network security over the years, a better method has to be formulated.

That better method has finally come along and it’s known as micro-segmentation. This is a package of network policies which isolate the network and allow organizations to segment and control workloads based upon workloads and application profiles.

Micro-segmentation also exacts more control over the network and shifts the focus from the perimeter to the internal network segment. Using automation helps with an adaptive type of micro-segmentation to streamline the process even further.