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What is the Enterprise Digital Platform
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Almost everyone who is fluent in information technology is talking about what the digital business of the future will look like. The answer can be found in two words – Real Time. And Real Time can be linked to a critical metric in the digital age — the need for speed.

It is important for businesses to operate in real time in order to achieve agility and deliver expectations in a completely connected ecosystem of consumers, customers, and partners.

To ensure success in such a cohesive business model, the technological framework must be different than the traditional one. The technology must be more flexible and dynamic, steering businesses based on triggers from the external ecosystem. Such a system thrives on customer personalization, customer experience, and customer feedback which links to revenue management.

The primary objective of this technology is to connect data with organizational intelligence which should result in agile development in the cloud platform and include seamless integration capabilities.

So, what is the enterprise digital platform?

The enterprise digital platform is a cloud-first technology that covers IT, digital, and business domains. There are five key layers of services involved in an enterprise digital platform:

#1 Engagement

#2 Integration

#3 Development

#4 Data

#5 Core IT

While there are many technical benefits including that its integrated nature allows for seamless modernization of legacy IT systems linked to new digital services and that it scales to deal with real-time events cost effectively, there are also a good number of business benefits.

From a business standpoint, an enterprise digital platform:

– Supports new co-innovation methods and use case prototyping to drive business model transformation linked to digital innovation

– It presents a game-changing user experience to attract new users from the ecosystem

– Offers easily accessible datasets to deliver new insights leveraging visualization, advanced analytics, and AI capabilities

The Enterprise Digital Platform must become a solid point of reference for the CIO and the rest of his or her team in developing an enterprise wide approach to digital transformation.

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