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How to Ensure Your Enterprise Is Cloud-Ready
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By now, it is clear to all executives that cloud computing is leading an IT transformation. It is fast becoming the deployment model of choice for many enterprises.

However, in the rush to setup cloud platforms, many companies realize they can’t transition all departmental workloads at once—even if they want to.

The challenge lies in coming up with a transition plan that enables the support of on-premise applications and workloads while ensuring an easy, non-disruptive migration to the cloud when the right time comes.

Here is how companies and the IT professionals that lead them can ensure cloud-readiness:

#1. Streamline and modernize IT infrastructure

Over time, organizations have acquired heterogeneous hardware and software platforms, each requiring experts who know how to operate it. Not just that, companies also have tons of data logs need to be moved to the cloud, Therefore, before setting up the cloud, executives must ensure they streamline and modernize the IT infrastructure and setup process.

2. Accelerate time to value with appliances

Many IT organizations have to do more with less, and are slower to respond to competitive threats. In such a situation, an appliance strategy can be a great benefit. Since appliances are easy to deploy and operate, requiring less time and fewer specialized IT skills, IT departments are able to implement and manage them quickly, with a reduced learning curve.

3. Optimize and extend private cloud

Many organizations first implement private cloud to achieve lower costs and greater agility for generic, noncritical workloads. But most self-assembled generic private clouds take months to build—decreasing agility—and requiring expensive personnel to build, tune, and manage. Therefore, companies must first optimize and extend the private cloud.

Even if you have no immediate plans to move to the cloud, it is better to be prepared. Not only will it pave the way for future plans, but will also upgrade the current technologic infrastructure in your company.

If you would like a complete guide to help ensure your enterprise is cloud-ready, click the link below for more information.