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Enforcing a Zero Trust Security Model in Today’s Hostile Environment

Digital transformation is underway for companies in every sector with the goal to improve customer value, increase innovation and operate with greater efficiency and agility. Unfortunately, security has not kept up as companies continue to use new cloud and DevOps workflows. This is a major issue as cloud applications and the mobile workforce increase, reducing the effectiveness of the network perimeter.

As the attack surface increases for companies, it is essential to gain a better understanding of network security and implement a zero-trust security model for your business, compared to the old model of trusting first and asking questions later. This old model is not effective anymore and could cause major issues for any company that is still operating in this manner.

Akamai has released an educational white paper outlining the many reasons to implement a zero-trust model for your business in our increasingly hostile online environment. This whitepaper not only explains the necessity of adopting this model but also the different new measures to take to ensure that your company is being safe when online. Download this comprehensive whitepaper today to gain the necessary knowledge to protect your business.