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Electric Vehicles as the New Normal
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Hello! My name is James.

Today, we are going to discuss electric vehicles and how recent innovations in design and is increasingly becoming the default choice for consumers and what’s driving these changes.

1 — The Pace of Change

In the past, one of the key factors for environmentally conscious EV consumers was price. However, today, studies have shown the total cost of ownership is considerably less than traditional diesel and gas-powered vehicles.

By comparison, a power station for fossil fuel vehicles offers a fuel efficiency of 50 percent versus an internal combustible engine that delivers 15 – 20 percent. Since 2011, electric vehicle manufacturers have increase vehicle range from 15 percent, averaging 190-miles per day. This number is only expected to rise to 275 through 2020.

2 — What This Means for The Business

The transition to EVs will inevitably benefit consumers costs and the environment. But how will this affect your business? Because infrastructure demands to support EVs differs vastly from gas-powered vehicles, this presents a great opportunity for businesses to meet consumer and environmental needs.

3 — The Business Benefits of Going Electric

When it comes to attracting more EV drivers, the availability of charging points for EV can be a key point. Many corporate agenda are increasingly rising to the occasion by becoming established as a green business. They are also benefiting from government-backed incentives for establishing charging points.

In the future, businesses will be expected to offer a charging point infrastructure for consumers and employees. Businesses that strategically and effectively use these charging points will gain a competitive edge over ones that don’t.

For more information on how businesses can benefit from joining the electric vehicle revolution, click the link below for more information.