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Elastic Route_ Hybrid Heuristics for High Speed Route Optimization

Logistics delivery services have been around since ancients times when Kings used messengers to relay messages to different regions and before there was the postal service, there were men on horseback. The premise is more or less the same today with product deliveries from manufacturers to customers. The biggest problem facing couriers today is executing the delivery to the customer’s satisfaction while maintaining fuel costs.

Couriers have to make multiple deliveries on a single pass and structuring these deliveries is vitally important from a logistics standpoint and a geographical standpoint. There are many variables that factor in these plans from known traffic issues to sensical routes through large cities.

Straight Line Heuristics (as the crow flies) routes give the most direct way to the drop-off, but they don’t take into consideration natural barriers such as rivers with no bridges and the like. Clustering is a way to group many deliveries close to each other along one route and many logistics companies use this method. There is a way to combine both methods and that way is Hybrid Heuristics. Hybrid Heuristics uses natural flow, clustering, and SLH to achieve the most efficient route for both the logistics company to use as little fuel as possible and to make deliveries as expediently as possible.

Detrack Systems Pte Ltd. can make Hybrid Heuristics a reality for your logistics company, please contact them today to learn more about efficient routing.