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Digital Transformation
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Every business across every industry is embracing digital transformation. In this age, everything is connected and interacting continuously, and every company is sitting on heaps of consumer data that has the potential to pave the way for the future.

Naturally, the American utility sector wasn’t going to miss out on all of the benefits that come with going digital. To aid their transformation, they are relying on the SAP S4 HANA.

SAP S4 HANA is an in-memory columnar database architecture that is capable of boosting the digital transformation efforts in the sector. Over the next 3 years 88% of energy & power companies of the United States will embrace the SAP S4 HANA because of the following benefits:


Customized high-performance architecture of S4 HANA uses SAP-optimized in-memory  database model can deliver powerful speed improvements in addition to optimizing memory usage to minimize the amount required.


Integration of next-gen technologies

Utilization of deployed IoT infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence is a strategic roadmap of 75% energy and power companies of United States. Processes like Asset Monitoring, Meter to Cash, RPA, etc. will be either redesigned or upgraded by considering customer/user as a nucleus.

Optimized user experience (UX)

There is a clear gap in the user-friendly interface between a resource who is a master of SAP script and a user who is using SAP for business-critical processes. The S4 HANA aims to bridge that gap and optimize the UX.

To embrace the trend of cloud first, mobile first and intelligent technologies

The SAP S4 HANA is SAP’s strategic Digital Core solution for the Intelligent Enterprise. It was built with the vision to make a major shift to a new future-focused solution.

With the S4 HANA delivering on all grounds, it is all set to pave the way of the future for the U.S. utility sector.