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The importance of fast speeds between the user and the database cannot be overstated enough. Having slow access times for data can really be a huge bottleneck that can slow things down and cost the company money in the long run. There is one word involved in this sequence of events that most everyday people have heard of but don’t quite understand, and that word is Cache.

Cache (or in this case, Caching) is a form of RAM or Random Access Memory accessed by the CPU in short bursts. Cache RAM is where all of your shortcuts are, type in certain phrases a lot? Visit a particular website often? Chances are good that they both will reside in your cache.

Database providers utilize cache as a way to speed access times by not accessing the network when it doesn’t have to. If the cache can pull your data for you almost instantly, there’s no need to travel the query all the way back to the local server or Cloud. This reduces the load on the server itself and can save on operating costs over time.