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Discovering Couchbase

When looking for a reliable database for your business data, there are many things to keep in mind when conducting this search. There are certain things to look for when comparing different servers and database companies. The search can be a daunting one and one can get easily confused with the details and the amount of data that’s out there. We’ll look at a few of these things to look for below.

Is the database reliable? How is the uptime? Usually, servers and databases run on dedicated servers, and they are prone to downtime every now and again. In recent years, the advent of cloud-based databases has cut down the downtime issue as cloud-based servers rarely go down and if they do, they’re quickly back up in no time. Is the server compatible with multiple data languages?

Are they multiple platforms or is everything housed into a single platform for use? Is the system scalable? As data rates and data amounts continue to skyrocket, you’ll need a database that can expand with it with minimal problems. These are just a few questions to ask yourself in your search for a reliable database.