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Disciplined DevOps in the Enterprise
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Hey, I’m Brett and I’m an IT professional that is focused on blending agility with risk management and governance to help enterprises implement a disciplined DevOps architecture.

For your DevOps team to reach their fullest potential, your engineering team must elevate release management to personnel who focus more on delivery assurance throughout the DevOps process.

So, what exactly is DevOps?

Well, DevOps is a fundamental ideology that aims to improve agility, speed, and collaboration to get software releases into production quicker by bridging the gap between IT development teams and IT operations teams.

Now, what exactly is disciplined DevOps?

While maintaining small manual steps helps mitigate the risk of software release failure, the competitive landscape is quickly forcing large enterprises to quicken their release pace. As IT organizations focus on reducing the risk of failure by manually processing releases, other potential risks become a problem.

Disciplined DevOps combines the benefits of delivery with the agility companies seek when adopting their DevOps architecture. By automating key governance checks and by providing improved visibility of the status at each stage of the release process, Disciplined DevOps provides agility, compliance, visibility, and collaboration across DevOps teams.

Adding governance to the agility-focused DevOps processes at your organization s is a great way to solve stability issues with software releases. It’s important to keep in mind though, that Disciplined DevOps can’t be effective if governance is too restricting to developers.

This is why the key to proper Disciplined DevOps is to put in place a mechanism that can provide lightweight, unobtrusive governance to improve the end-to-end delivery process while providing management with a complete view of the current status and quality of the software release portfolio.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Disciplined DevOps can blend agility with risk management and governance, you’re ready to deploy a better DevOps architecture in your organization.

If you want to learn more about how Disciplined DevOps can benefit your enterprise, click the link below for more information.