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Digital Transformation Powers the New UC Work Experience
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The requirement to undergo a digital transformation to maintain a competitive edge in the digital economy is being forced upon a wide range of companies. DX is moving businesses from simply managing their technology to letting technology manage the business. DX has enabled companies to become more productive and give space to employees to contribute more of their skills and expertise towards innovative and core tasks.

Digital transformation is viewed by many as the new way of doing business. It is the core function in the process of changing communication and collaboration. Customers, employees, and partners are demanding a more user-driven communications experience, one that is defined by end users and business leaders. The new communications experience is characterized by solutions that are accessible across browsers and devices, integrated with user applications, and ready-to-go on mobile devices including choice for calling, messaging, meeting and sharing data with one-touch response capabilities. Digital transformation (DX) is driving evolution in the worldwide unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market.