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Digital Success: Where Strategy Meets Technology
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Digital transformation is much more than a mental process of ideas and discussions. Instead, it is a tight collaboration between CIOs and executive management.

Through this collaboration, many processes throughout almost every department gets the opportunity to be redefined and enhanced through technology. This enables organizations to deliver experience to both employees and customers.

Companies that adapt to digital transformation tend to position themselves better when it comes to customer experience and gaining a competitive advantage.

There is clear cohesion within organizations that have embraced digital transformation. For these companies, digital transformation is a business strategy, where innovation as well as creativity are blended into one – thanks to technology.

CIOs carry a unique thought process regarding collaboration and dependencies among different business units or lines of businesses. They try to find ways to use technology to optimize processes around these units.

What is more beneficial is the ability of CIOs to blend technology with these goals and objectives defined by various departments and chart a path that helps the business collectively deliver these results.

According to Dimension Data’s 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, more than 50% percent of the total companies they surveyed, have reported that they either don’t have a digital strategy in place or are in the process of creating one.

You can ensure your company gets ahead of the game by identifying the goals of each department, analyzing how technology plays a role in reaching these goals, and working with each manager or executive to develop and even broaden strategies to reach these goals.

If you want to know more about how both strategy and technology can be combined for digital success, click the link below for more information.