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DevOps is a key cultural component in today’s organizations. It brings synchronicity and unifies software development and software operations. It focuses on developer cooperation with other parties involved in the development, deployment, operation, and maintenance of software systems.

These systems can be successful if they are agile. Providing continuous delivery of updated software to customers can create unmatchable satisfaction and success. This whitepaper by Tech Mahindra explores the ideas and methods of execution for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Learn the various functions and challenges you will interact with when you deploy a DevOps culture.

This whitepaper also discusses how to create a DevOps mentality and execution inside the enterprise by strategizing the principles of Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Deployments effectively throughout the Development Life Cycle of the product.

Through this Tech Mahindra paper, you can also gain insight into how to create best practices for coding to get optimal results. This comes with an in-depth analysis of various software like Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab CI, and Travis CI. They are compared on factors like price, cloud hosting, ease of learning, and special features.

It also explores how an organization can deploy such systems. The deployment pipeline is a system that automates the process of getting software from version control to your users. Before an update to the program is released, it goes through a lengthy process. This method entails developing software, then testing and deploying it at various stages. This procedure allows for easy collaboration between multiple teams.

With all technologies in place, a smooth flow can create higher success and create large time savings for teams. As the industry takes a shift to the DevOps culture, empower yourself with DevOps knowledge and information for the 21st century.