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Developing an Enterprise Cloud Strategy the Right Way

Enterprises are growing, operating scales are growing, and consumer and functional data is also growing in volume. All this data cannot be stored in physical locations due to the many risks involved. Therefore, companies are turning to cloud storage platforms.

Transferring a company’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can be quite the task. However, a well-defined cloud strategy can make such a transition far easier and organized. There are many questions that need to be answered and assessed while drafting a cloud strategy. For example:

· What is your choice of a cloud platform – public, private, or hybrid?

· Do you want a full infrastructure with managed services? Do you prefer a platform as a service? Or are you looking for software as a service?

· Does your company have the expertise, resources, and staff required to manage a cloud platform?

Once you have determined your business case and enterprise requirements, you will be able to come up with the right cloud solution for your business. This whitepaper details the steps involved in drafting and implementing the best cloud strategy possible.