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Developing an Infrastructure for Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy
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The cloud is changing everything from agility to cost structure, to communication and relationship development — businesses want applications that effectively integrate with cloud models and provide transparency and clarity in its results.

Before now, many enterprise IT organizations were built with different goals in mind. They ran on a few applications that maintained a fixed business model and made no room for scalability or utility. The change in structures is not easy or simple but because of the cloud, enterprise IT is measured more strategically than before.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “61% of IT and business professionals say it’s important for cloud applications to access information stored in data centers today.”

And per RightScale, “Hybrid cloud adoption grew by 71% in 2016.”

So what path do you need to take to reach a cloud model? Well, there are actually 5 you can consider:

  1. Streamline enterprise application infrastructure
  2. Extend the private cloud model to enterprise application workloads
  3. Deploy hybrid cloud for application development and testing
  4. Bring the public cloud model into the data center, and
  5. Lift-and-shift to the public cloud