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Developing a Migration Project Plan

At the end of this year, a very important change is being made to Oracle. The support for Oracle DSEE (Directory Services Enterprise Edition) is being phased out in December 2019. This phase-out has far-reaching implications across the board with many IT departments across the country preparing for the date. Therefore, it’s imperative that a new platform is sought out to migrate to if your company is using DSEE.

Selecting a platform should be done after much research is put into the search for the new platform. The new platform ideally should be comparable or in some ways better than DSEE. The successful migration of the data process is usually done in four steps: plan & design, build & co-exist, migration in waves, and decommission.

Plan & Design is the process of creating your migration project plan and taking stock of inventory and what you have. Build & Co-Exist is setting up the target platform and becoming familiar with it. Migration In Waves is the actual migration process of data that can take place live or offline. Decommission is the removal of Oracle DSEE, DSEE servers, and the removal of synchronization services. Companies should do their due diligence in finding a good comparable platform to which to migrate.