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DDoS Attacks: How to Understand and Mitigate Them
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DDoS attacks are seemingly increasing and can cost any business that becomes a victim a whopping $2.5 million. Cybercriminals earn huge amounts of money by simply threatening a company with a DDoS attack.

Although some only make threats, others use DDoS attacks to interrupt and drastically damage business operations by overloading a domain with spam of junk traffic. While their many motives behind this activity, two are censorship and politics.

Whatever the reason, DDoS (or distributed denial of service) attacks “result in about 54 minutes of downtime which can translate to substantial revenue loss.” In short, these types of attacks are bad for business.

So how can you protect your infrastructure from these types of attacks?

  1. Monitor your DNS servers for suspicious activities.
  2. Overprovision your DNS servers.
  3. Enable DNS Response Rate Limiting
  4. Implement high availability server configurations