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Database Global Deployment

Databases hold an important place within the work environment, so much data is held within the database. Pertinent data such as client lists, addresses, phone numbers, customer orders, and sensitive customer information. The need to have this information protected and safe is vitally important to business.

A stable database will utilize XDCR or Cross Datacenter Replication to improve the writing of data onto the database. What good is a database if the data that’s written isn’t useable? This keeps data corruption and failures down to a minimum or in some cases, non-existent. Data replication is extremely important to keep data accessible and useable for your workforce.

In evaluating your database platform system, one should check the availability of data and run numerous tests to see if your platform system is up to date. If your system hangs or runs slow under load, you may want to consider upgrading your database platform to a newer standard such as the XDCR-capable database platforms. This will help your bottom line and your data accessibility.