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Why Customers are Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud to Drive Growth
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Businesses in every industry are under immense pressure to modernize their offerings. Competitors are launching new products and services in new geographies. Customers are demanding better service, greater speed, and real-time support.

One thing is clear: Companies today need speed, visibility, and scalability like never before. This includes an infrastructure that supports the need to operate in a different way.

To help fix this issue, enterprise customers who have been working on systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP are switching over to cloud-based solutions.

These companies have started to leverage the benefits of the cloud by launching products into the marketplace at a faster rate. The constant need for solutions to customers’ changing demands requires businesses to have a faster response time. This can be achieved by deploying a cloud-based system.

Why is the cloud imperative for any serious business? Here are three statistics to show the switch to the cloud is helping to drive growth:

#1 According to a report by IDC, the cloud market has outgrown the information technology market by four times.

#2 Gartner has indicated that the cloud will be the number one technology that has had a significant impact on IT.

#3 A survey on the Future of Cloud Computing indicated that 92% of respondents had the cloud as their main initiative for the next 18 months.

Even a function such as accounting or human resources is finding it necessary to shift their department’s focus from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions.

If you are one of those companies who is striving to be on the cutting edge of solutions that drive business growth, click the link below for more information.