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Critical IT Elements to Ensure a Solid Business Foundation

In today’s business, having a rock-solid` security framework is paramount to having your business fully protected. There are three main pillars or departments that shore this framework up from the ground floor: Service Management, Technology Architecture, and Program Management.

Service Management is the first line, and they act as the liaison between the customers and the company. They deal with all the initial problems by customers and smooth over disputes and complaints. They’re very important to the running of the business on a day-to-day level. The second line is Technology Architecture and this is the department who visualizes long-term. They make sure the technology is put into place to support future relevance and objectives of the business.

The last pillar is Program Management and this is the home of the Business Analyst and Program Managers who oversee everything related to IT. When Enterprise and Business utilize all three of these pillars into their long-term planning, the positive results can not be denied.