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Criteria to Follow for Evaluating SD-WAN Products
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Are you looking to simplify office networking and ensure optimal performance of applications? Then you are looking for a good Software-Defined Wide Area Networking product, also called SD-WAN.

It is not an easy process for any enterprise because the market is currently flooded with a plethora of vendors. The challenge for enterprises is that these vendors speak the same language using some of the same buzzwords. Therefore, it is not easy to decide which vendor to purchase from and how to differentiate from the range of available products.

Despite a multiplicity of suppliers available, enterprises must take into consideration several factors that will help them get to the right vendor who can offer the right solution for their company’s needs:

If you are in this category, here are some parameters to look for:

#1 It is important to understand the true value of SD-WAN solutions that most enterprises look for, simple things such as routing traffic to the fastest route and bringing out reduction in overall WAN traffic. The WAN solution should help in improving the security of your network as well.

#2 If there is a failure of the network, it can cause major disruptions, including those as severe as rendering the business “shut.” Therefore, an SD-WAN product should help in improving resiliency and providing quick failover.

#3 There are some applications that need a high quality of services and some that require moderate services. Therefore, the SD-WAN product should be able to prioritize applications and route traffic to such high priority or mission critical applications.

#4 Most of the SD-WAN solutions that are available use IP-SEC encryption. There are few products who have additional security features such as rotating keys and even SSL/TLS security encryption. Depending on your requirements, the choice is yours.

This is four of the key parameters to be considered when selecting the right SD-WAN product for your company. If you would like further guidance about which SD-WAN product could be right for you, click the link below for more information.