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Credential Stuffing What Is It and What Does It Cost
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Credential stuffing is a relatively new term that describes the act of criminals purchasing lists of stolen credentials, such as user ID and passwords, on the dark web and using a botnet to validate those lists against an organization’s login page.

The end result of credential stuffing is typically an account takeover in which criminals then use the stolen validated credentials to take over accounts and commit fraud. Not being effectively prepared to handle credential stuffing can have disastrous effects on your company including:

Increased Security Costs

Organizations today don’t budget enough to address the problem of credential stuffing. In fact, only 34% of organizations believe that their security budget is sufficient for preventing and/or containing credential stuffing attacks while 18% are unsure and 48% believe their security budget needs work.

Lower Customer Satisfaction

Credential stuffing can have negative consequences on many areas of business but a major area is customer satisfaction. When your organization isn’t prepared to handle credential stuffing, customer satisfaction is dramatically affected. In fact, more than half of companies believe that lower customer satisfaction is one of the biggest negative consequences resulting from a credential stuffing attack.

More Negative Consequences

Credential stuffing can have a huge impact on many areas of your business including increased application downtime, increased costs to remediate compromised accounts, increased call-center time, and increased investigation. This not only takes time away from more important business practices but uses funds that could have otherwise been used to improve the business.

Credential stuffing can have many negative effects on your organization including increased costs and lower customer satisfaction. When your organization is well-equipped to handle credential stuffing though, you can stay ahead of criminals and securely protect your business as well.

If you want to learn more about what credential stuffing is and what it could cost your organization, click the link below for more information.