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Cost Effective Rain Proof Cricket and Other Sports Grounds Technology

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of its’ biggest enemies is the weather or more specifically, rain. Rain affects the outcome in cricket matches due to the field conditions being affected by the precipitation. Balls hit out to the field slow down considerably in wet grass versus dry grass. This can be the difference between a six and a regular roll out to the line.

Constant monitoring of the weather is vitally important in cricket games as the umpire will postpone a match due to the severity of a rainstorm. When this happens, the grounds crew will run out a tarp and cover the cricket pitch to keep them dry. But, what if all of these components were done for you automatically? What if you could save on the labor costs of employing a small grounds crew? It would be a game-changer, no doubt!

There is an apparatus that will cover the entirety of the cricket pitch from both ends and meets in the middle. This cover can be started with a push of a button on the remote control and the top of the cover will employ digital advertisements. This cover also has a rain gauge that can alert the umpire when a certain minimum amount of rain has fallen to start the postponement process. Technology is changing the game, no matter how old the game is.