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Conversational AI and NLP
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Hi! My name is Brett.

As an IT professional, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in conversational artificial intelligence and natural language processors. Thanks to these improvements, chatbots can now help users much more effectively and companies can grow customer loyalty much more successfully.

Let’s take a look at how conversational AI and NLP are improving business processes with chatbots.

Scripted Bots

While many chatbot vendors claim that their chatbots have conversational capabilities, the reality is that a lot of chatbots are scripted bots meaning they rely on scripts and dialogues behind the scenes to work. Thanks to improvements in AI and NLP though, many chatbots today are becoming more responsive with true NLP and conversational capability built in.

Conversational Bots

Analyzing natural language in proper context is still a major work-in-progress from many chatbot vendors but as NLP technologies become more and more sophisticated, bots can determine the intent in singular interactions. The major issue with these bots though is that they can’t retain context throughout an entire conversation. As conversational AI and NLP continue to evolve though, we’ll begin to see fully conversational bots in the very near future.

Cognitive Bots

Cognitive AI is the highest level of chatbot sophistication and uses machine learning to address the complexities of cognitive bots. As chatbot vendors continue to further explore deep learning technology to make chatbots more predictable and desirable, companies will be able to serve customers more quickly and efficiently.

Chatbots that possess true NLP and conversation skills offer robust capabilities for all types of companies. As conversational AI and NLP continue to improve, we will see more companies adopt fully conversational chatbots to not only benefit their bottom line but their customer experiences as well.

If you want to learn more about conversational AI and NLP, click the link below for more information.