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Connected Homes and Intelligent Buildings: Solving for Reliability, Convergence, Connectivity

In any industry, understanding what the challenges and opportunities are constitutes 99.9% of what it takes to have the advantage as a market leader. In the emerging connected home marketplace, consumer products manufacturers will only take advantage of the opportunities if they adopt a Consumer’s View first.

Recent studies show that 32% of online shoppers own at least one smart home device, while 22% own connected smoke detector, while 11% of own connected lighting products. With that perception of the public image, the battle for a bigger share of mind is on. Solving the reliability, convergence, and connectivity of this new technology is not as far away as the general adoption of connected homes.

Finding the right partner by choosing the right characteristics is crucial to leading the market. This whitepaper will help you to know what the right partner looks like in era of growth in the connected home.