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Compliance in Customer Communications Management Aims for a Competitive Advantage
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Compliance is an area that many business owners don’t want to deal with. It is filled with the kind of stuff that puts executives on edge and invites a factor of risk and liability when regulations are not met.

For these and other reasons, preventing issues of compliance is critically important to the overall development and success of any business.

But what if compliance could become a source of competitive advantage.

When it comes to CCM or customer communications management, the idea is convincing.

Customer communications management technology assists organizations in designing, managing, and delivering communication that is personalized to the customer in order to enhance the overall customer experience. Typically, CCM was limited to criteria created by regulators. However, regulations are now being combined with the customer experience.

It is here where compliance and customer experience intersect that the competitive advantage is created.

So what are the benefits of this connection?

#1 Speeding up development.

“Early compliance input helps organizations avoid unnecessary rework and speed up final compliance approvals so that they take only a day or two instead of the weeks of delay many financial services and insurance companies experience now. “

#2 Addressing compliance concerns early.

“This approach represents a unique opportunity to turn the frequently adversarial process of gaining compliance approval into a more collaborative team exercise.”

#3 Ensuring a holistic view.

“By providing compliance with the full view of an entire communications package in every form in which that material is going to appear—paper, web pages, mobile applications and so on—compliance will be able to fully review and analyze not only what customers will see but how they see it.”