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The professional sphere today is intertwined with pieces of technology every step of the way. However, one of the most hyped technological advancements that stay highly relevant, and we continue to do so, is cloud computing.

All the excitement has led to a lot of questions and assumptions. This whitepaper aims to give answers and solutions for all these doubts. It tries to explore the idea of cloud computing, its utility, services, and its role. This whitepaper also defines cloud computing as a pragmatic way to realize immediate cost savings. It can transform a data center from a high investment setup to a variable-cost environment.

This whitepaper tries to explain the characteristics of cloud computing in an in-depth manner. It covers attributes like grid computing, virtualization, utility computing, and autonomic computing. These are vital concepts to understand the extent of the viability of such a model. In addition, this whitepaper also tries to explain the various types of deployment models a company can utilize for its benefits. It covers public cloud systems, on-premises private clouds, and hybrid cloud models. Understanding such concepts can accelerate your digital transformation process as a company.

This whitepaper also goes a step ahead and analyses your organization’s various benefits from adopting a cloud computing model. Some of these include reduced costs, increase storage, increased mobility, and many more. It also gives you a few pointers to understand if your organization should opt or stay away from such a model.

If your organization is on the path of deciding whether they want to adopt the cloud model and trying to guess what path might be best for them, this whitepaper is the guide you’re looking for. Leverage this information for success!

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