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Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches: Independent Feature Validation

How much better are the new Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches?

It is important for a company to be able to validate their upgrades and improvements to ensure that they are an improvement from what they use to be. Cisco understands this and asked Miercom to validate the performance and features of the new Catalyst 9000 switches.

Miercom compiled a comprehensive report that outlines the features of the new Catalyst 9000 switches and why they are an improvement from the old catalyst switches. Not only do the new catalyst switches offer higher availability, security, and programming support, they are also easier to use.

In this whitepaper, you will gain a better understanding of the reasons for the upgrade and why Cisco feels validated with the improvements they have made to their catalyst switches. These switches are the next generation of Cisco’s catalyst switch line and offer more benefits and are easier to use than past models. Understand more about Cisco’s new Catalyst switch line and why they’re much better than past ones with this comprehensive whitepaper