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Chat-Based Tools that Empower Your Business
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Collaboration across time zones and geographies is how work gets done on a national and an international scale. Companies are increasingly making it easier for team members to communicate about projects and objectives beyond phone calls and emails.

To make the most of time and efficiency, employee today want the tools they use outside of work to be available to them at work. Instant messaging, text messaging, and chat is making it easier to transition from one form of communication to the other.

Chat systems, however, only succeed when it is:

> flexible for all the needs of the team

> is customizable based on preferences

> is completely secure

> is a one-stop shop for gathering and dispersing projects

Chat based tools with Microsoft Teams should allow your company and employees to:

> increase efficiency

A Mckinsey Global Institute 2012 report states, “Employees can see as much as a 35% reduction in time spent searching for company information when social messaging tools are used internally.”

> provide better integration for productivity

> customize team features

A 2016 Penn Schoen Berland report states, “62% of global employees agree that artificial intelligence assistance could make their jobs easier.”

> offer confidential solutions for automation and scalability.