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Business Intelligence Trends for 2019
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Hello! My name is James.

Today, we are going to discuss a few Business Intelligence trends to look for in 2019 and how decision makers cope with market competition and digitalization.

Can users trust these models to make the appropriate predictive decisions?

The Rise of Explainable AI and Data Quality

Today, many organizations rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence models and automate decision-making by augmenting human understanding.

Natural language processing or NLP cohesively connects both linguistics and computer science creating a deeper meaning of human language. Actionable analytics requires that the correct message be provided to the right person and at the appropriate time.

Data Management & Data Storytelling

Social good is amplified thanks to data collaboratives by both the private and public sector organizations, further strengthening the ‘data for good’ movement. These organizations can successfully share data in a safer and more secure way.

The way businesses approach data sharing, data collection and data monetization has vastly affected by the rise in consumer consciousness. Data accuracy is a critical factor in BI deployments, particularly when used in analysis which aids in curating a bridge between the business and data.

Data Discovery and BI Adoption

Creating analysis with great impact simply cannot occur unless the data findings are effectively communicated with others. Therefore, data storytelling is a key element of analytics and its processes.

The way your organization uses a BI solution plays an important shift to modernization, as its value isn’t measured solely by the solutions that are deployed. As a result, your organization will not only become more competitive but more efficient when adopting a BI solution.

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