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Business Case for All-Flash Arrays When Integrating Flash into the Cloud

The use of cloud-based services is rapidly growing in our society today. It is growing so much that even the Pentagon is looking to implement cloud-based platforms. Cloud-based networks offer agility and flexibility for many organizations that wish to move some of their workloads to the cloud. To offer reliable, highly available premium services, many cloud-based infrastructures are switching to all-flash arrays (AFA).

AFAs, compared to hyper-converged architectures to build cloud infrastructure, offer better economics, maturity, data services functionality, and for workloads that require predictable performance, AFAs can support an infrastructure that doesn’t suffer impacts on performance.

IDC put together an informative white paper citing the strengths of AFAs for businesses when integrating flash into the cloud using AFAs. In the following white paper, you’ll obtain a better understanding of why hybrid cloud will become increasingly mainstream for IT infrastructure.

You will also understand the necessary benefits that flash storage can bring to your business.