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For organizations undergoing a digital transformation, the promise of faster innovation and increasing competitiveness is very alluring. Data and analytics are unquestionably attracting ever-growing investments and are quickly becoming the centerpiece of digital enterprise strategies.

Now, many enterprises realize that while having the right data and technologies in place is critical to supporting a data-driven strategy, the real challenges in achieving the full value of their investments are more human.

Addressing these challenges is often the responsibility of the chief data officer (CDO). Today’s CDOs face two major challenges:

  • Ever-growing skills gap
  • Lack of trust in the data due to a lack of data literacy

As CDOs strive to lead their organizations’ data-driven transformation, they may struggle with a limited number of people to perform the work. And even when they do have enough resources, those people often lack the right skills to unlock the value and new opportunities in their data.

Trust in the data remains an issue as well; without a data-driven culture in which everyone understands and can speak fluently about data, how it is used, and its value to the organization, the reality of driving people to trust and use data science results can remain a significant challenge.

Availability of key skills has been a top 10 ‘extreme concern’ for the last decade, impeding innovation and prompting higher people costs. And it’s not getting any better—particularly for CDOs responsible for their organizations’ digital transformation.

In Gartner’s most recent CDO Survey, 25% of data leaders said the lack of relevant skills or staff and poor data literacy are two of the top three roadblocks to their data and analytics teams’ success. These roadblocks, however, are not insurmountable.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how upskilling, and reskilling can be leveraged to address the human challenges that can keep organizations from realizing the full value of their data and technology, providing a helpful resource for CDOs working to put their business on the fast track to a data-driven future.