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Best Ways To Reduce Cyber Exposure
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Do you know that 89% of companies now allow personal devices to connect to corporate networks?

The working culture of today has drastically changed in this new era of digital transformation. While it has several advantages, it does not come without one major risk: CYBER EXPOSURE.

Companies have many different types of dynamic IT assets distributed across various end points. Each of these end points can be a potential point of invasion for hackers. As a result, IT leaders are actively looking to understand and reduce their cyber risk by reducing cyber exposure.

Here are 5 of the best ways you can reduce cyber exposure:

#1. The network perimeter is growing, thanks to technologies such as Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Things devices. BYOD policies and cloud access are also contributing to the issue. Therefore, you must ensure access is limited and all endpoints are secure.

#2. Having visibility into the digital assets you’re trying to protect, whether in the data center or in the cloud, is critical to reducing cyber exposure. Therefore, you must monitor user access locations and other metrics that can help identify potential threats.

#3. Maintaining a high level of security across all assets is not only a resource drain, it is unrealistic. With cyber exposure, you can segment risk based on asset criticality and vulnerability, and provide a score to the various IP addresses that access any endpoint.

#4. Risks change, but whether it’s in the cloud or on premises, you still must encrypt data. So, only give access to those who need it, and make sure there is a user verification process.

#5. Automatic vulnerability scanning is commonly integrated into an agile app development process. Many apps have built-in controls and self-validation routines that you can use. Apart from this, you can also set up your own verification mechanisms on a cloud platform.

Implementing these 5 methods will help you to greatly reduce cyber exposure and decrease cyber security risks.

If you want to know more about reducing cyber exposure within your company’s network, click the link below for more information.