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The Best Way to Select the Right ADC for the Digital Transformation Era
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The Digital Revolution within the enterprise landscape has led to a wide range of initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility, and collaborative mobile workspaces.

However, things are changing. And while change used to be defined by things that could be measured and managed, the advent of the cloud and cyber threats have forced the need to do more.

The new pillars in an enterprise digital transformation strategy now include leveraging the cloud and new application architectures that drive profitability and reduce vulnerability. Mobile applications form a key aspect of this revolution, and it is important to understand how these aspects can inform your decision about choosing an ADC solution.

The ADC solution that you choose should help your organization embrace the new pillars of digital transformation and create opportunities for innovation in the face of change. These applications are everywhere and must be compatible with the different platforms available in the market.

ADC is the solution to the issue of compatibility.

Now, you might be asking, when do I know a specific ADC is right for me? Start by ensuring the solution has the following four functions:

  •  Hybrid cloud enabled
  •  Support for micro-service apps
  •  Comprehensive app security
  •  Software-based solution

Where there is change, there is opportunity. You must invest in an ADC that is fluid and adaptive, that leverages automation and machine learning, and enables the freedom of choice.

If you want more information about selecting the appropriate ADC for this digital transformation era, click the link below for more information.