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Best Practices for Providing Safe Contractor Access to Internal Applications

Network security has never been as complex as it is today. With so many different programs and parameters in place, it’s confounding that breaches in security still happen. Control of access is used by many users outside of the network and that can also lead to problems within IT management.

A zero-trust security model is becoming the benchmark for business IT departments due to the nature of its’ process. Every user and their devices are authorized and authenticated before data is delivered. Companies need to always be on the cutting edge when it comes to IT and their security. Too many stories abound of data breaches and customers losing valuable information such as personal data and intellectual properties. The call for heightened security is a Siren’s call that every business should heed to.

Cloud-based access is the future and the future is now. Cloud-based access eliminates the need for the entire network to have access to isolated applications and keeps it limited to the individual user and device. This also simplifies things on a managerial level for your IT department as well as cloud-based access also keeps things at a zero-trust level for the highest level of security.