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Hey there! My name is Mark.

Do you know that one of the best ways to transform your business is to create a solid strategy for moving your apps to the cloud?

Yes. That is right.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t appreciate how complex this endeavor can be and how their cloud technology services and applications could be affected during the process. So, it is important for you to carefully evaluate your goals and create a solid migration strategy that minimizes risk and ensures your project remains on a solid budget and on time.

Let’s look at the five best practices your team can follow when moving your mobile apps to the cloud.

1. Justify and rationalize a move to the cloud

It is really important to identify the needs of your business before developing a cloud migration plan. Don’t underestimate the enormity and financial aspects of this type of project. Make sure that you understand exactly how the project will add value to the business.

2. Thoroughly research migration strategies

Deciding how to effectively migrate your apps to the cloud requires more than just one strategy. Consider several methods such as moving certain assets without converting them, modernizing service and applications and adding product value, as well as retiring workloads that no longer provide value.

3. Test, adapt and learn your migration approach

Be sure to choose more than one non-critical workload and allow them to serve as the key components for your migration.

4. Plan to mitigate risk

Make sure that you can allocate the appropriate level of expertise exists on your migration team and provide the right resources and tools that will effectively support migration efforts.

I’m sure you would love to find out more about moving your applications to the cloud. If so, click the link below for more information. If not, click the link anyway. You just might find some beneficial tips and techniques for your company.