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Best Practices for Handling Your Data Challenges

The world of IT is always on the move and always changing as technology grows and develops. Keeping on top of these changes is vitally important, not only to IT departments but the company at-large. There are three technologies that are trending throughout the business world in relation to IT and those three are GraphQL, Splunk, and Apache Kafka.

GraphQL is a data query language that was developed by Facebook back in 2012. This language improves smartphone data loading and retrieval. The importance of working within smartphone constraints cannot be overstated as smartphones will be in everyone’s hands in the coming years.

Splunk is a data mining language that can read data from any source in the world. Data capture and analyzation are important to keep security on the up and up. Splunk can also learn patterns within data to forecast future results. This is great in the world of business as well as IT security departments to ward off future attacks.

Apache Kafka is a streaming platform that helps companies utilize data feeds in real-time. Using this data in real-time can help to determine consumer behavior and tendencies. This can bolster consumer relations and sales rapport within the sales framework. A company could also see trends forming and reallocate their focus to take advantage of this information. Information is power, especially in today’s world of big business and big data.