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The Best CRM Suites for Enterprise Organizations

As most companies move to a management orientation solution focused on customer needs and relations, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, becomes a top function. Companies engage and invest in CRM practices to create long-term relationships with customers, thus gaining long-term benefits. Companies leverage CRM to provide operational efficiencies for sales, marketing, and customer service organizations when they interact with customers. They use data and insights derived through such practices to analyze opportunity and automate workflows to optimize customer engagement processes.

While all companies see the need for CRM, they are also constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing the right CRM suite and platform to facilitate their efforts. Large CRM vendors offer broader and deeper capabilities that increase their complexity with features that many users can’t leverage. At the same time, new point solution vendors are quickly popping up, and they deliver modern interfaces and mobile-first strategies that address specific business problems such as sales performance management, lead-to-revenue management, and digital customer experience. Therefore, making the right choice becomes critical as it directly affects your efforts and returns.

This whitepaper discusses the different attributes that can be used to make the decision of the best CRM suites in the market.