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Benefits of Using NodeJS for Backend Functionalities

The world of developing applications can be a stressful one with many options to choose from on a daily basis. How will your application interact with your devices? How usable will your application be to your user base? And most importantly, how will your application do in terms of interaction and dealing with thousands of user requests via the internet? This is where a good runtime environment can help make things easier on the interaction side of things.

NodeJS is a great runtime environment to implement in the development stage. NodeJS is based on JavaScript and it can be run on both the frontend and backend. It’s also highly scalable and can be configured a number of different ways. Large corporations such as Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal are just some of the clients who use NodeJS on their backend technologies.

NodeJS works best with SPAs (Single Page Applications) because it’s single-threaded and runs in an asynchronous event loop which runs in the background and it won’t affect event loops. You can also use NodeJS for real-time applications such as chat applications that require WebSocket support. The speed and performance of NodeJS are ideal for micro-services architecture and the ability to write independent APIs code without the need for a server (cloud-based services) can also be achieved with this runtime environment.

Since NodeJS is based on JavaScript, learning it is incredibly easy as JavaScript is the most popular frontend language in the world. You won’t need to hire separate developers for frontend and backend support with NodeJS as it supports both which cuts down on labor costs. NodeJS also supports clustering which is ideal for multi-core machines and it’s also highly customizable with the supportability for many different server protocols. It’s not advisable to use NodeJS if your application is CPU-heavy such as weather forecasting applications and image processing applications. That is the only negative upon a sea of positives that NodeJS delivers for developers worldwide. Try NodeJS today with your application in-development and see the difference in runtime for yourself!