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The Benefits of an Enterprise Digital Platform
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What was one thing that was so interesting about the Instagram acquisition deal?

Facebook did not acquire this company just because of its 13 employees, but for its 30 million users. Thanks to the solid platform that was built for “experience sharing,” the acquisition gave the company another 570 million users.

The best part was still that everyone was interacting with one another — just on another level.

This is a real-time digital platform, a model that most enterprises have only dreamed of or are continuing to strive hard to achieve. Yes, the interpretation of an enterprise “real-time” digital platform will change from company to company, but the crux of the matter is the same. It needs the creation of an ecosystem that is connected through the use of the system.

Innovation throughout enterprises is all about combining data and coding to deliver amazing results, which can attract users from the ecosystem into the mainstream.

What is an enterprise digital platform?

It is simply a set of innovative technology building blocks. The main reason behind organizations going for this business model is because this platform is the perfect structure to drive innovation.

Are there any key benefits? Of course, there are several from both a technical perspective and a business perspective.

From a technical perspective, an enterprise digital platform allows for the seamless integration of legacy systems with modern digital services. As far as the business perspective is concerned, an enterprise digital platform easily supports co-innovation methods and creates use case prototypes that help to drive innovation.

If you are still interested to know what an enterprise digital platform is and the benefits that it brings to the table of your business, click the link below for more information.