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Backup and Disaster Recovery with VMware on IBM Cloud

NetApp AltaVault is an enterprise-class cloud-integrated appliance which enables companies to securely backup data in and to the IBM cloud. It enables efficient storage, management, and retrieval of data.

Key features of the VMWare on IBM Cloud are:

#1. Security & Compliance: The VMWare keeps your data encrypted at all times, thus reducing compliance and data security risks.

#2. Seamless Integration: This cloud-integrated storage seamlessly integrates with your current backup software and the IBM Cloud across all your platforms, thus making it easy to incorporate and implement.

#3. Accelerate Cloud Adoption: It has been designed in such a manner that it can be adopted onto completely new cloud platforms in under 30 minutes.

#4. Efficiency: The accelerated data protection reduces data volumes by up to 90% and can speed data transfer rates up to 4x their original speed.

This whitepaper talks about how you can boost data backup and recovery with the VMWare on your IBM Cloud.