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mistakesin BI and ML
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In business, you need a professional approach to project planning and management as this will certainly help you to deal with problems along the way and successfully complete the project without even making a lot of mistakes. The acknowledging and understanding of possible problems is the first step to eliminating the bad results in the future. Business Intelligence is a new age technology that enables companies to gain business insights, leverage their data and make data-driven decisions. These BI tools help organizations process big data and create visualizations, reports, dashboards and also perform predictive analytics.

Now, you need to know about data warehouse. It is a widely used system based on Business Intelligence technology for data analysis and reporting. Data warehouse can enable the integration and storage of data from various sources. It has the ability store both historical data and real-time data sources, ensuring the most up-to-date information for reporting purposes.

There are a few things you need to know before applying data warehousing in your business/project such as selecting the right front-end BI tool. (This is very important at the beginning of any project). Not immediately deploying a complex system such as enterprise data warehousing but releasing your data warehouse step-by-step and verifying data quality and business logic is important. Failure to follow through on steps like this may result in startup failure. Addepto exists to take care of the following:

  • Develop machine learning, big data, and business intelligence solutions for enterprises and high-tech companies around the world.
  • Minimize the need for human engagement and automate time consuming processes using machine learning and AI.

Engage the services of Addepto today and see the difference in your business.