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Artificial Intelligence

AI is often represented by various related terms: machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and so on.

All of these terms point to a future in which our platforms and systems are smart enough to learn from our interactions and make sense of our data. This automated insight helps us anticipate our needs, so better business decisions can be made.

Delivering Personalized Incentive Solutions

AI-infused IA platforms go beyond just automating the incentive process by leveraging machine learning and pre-set AI models to determine the perfect incentive mix – all of it based on a variety of data points and customer personas.

Basically, instead of launching the same incentive program to your entire partner ecosystem, or grouping partners in broad categories, AI-infused IA can help deliver a highly-personalized incentive solution that is tailored to a specific partner type, while also adapting to their changing needs along the way.

Brands can now accelerate their partner’s time to revenue with out-of-the-box programs, promotions, and workflows to create, clone, customize, launch, and modify channel incentives across their industry ecosystems.

When applied to specific incentive solutions, multiple components become seamlessly bound to address a customer’s needs in a way that individual components cannot deliver on their own. This immediate and lasting synergy drives predictable business performance like never before.

Ai-Infused Incentives: SPIFS Rewards

You’ve got to allocate the reward where the effort is being made. SPIFs and point-based Rewards are the right incentive type for that.

Yet, partner reps are faced with an influx of information every day and don’t have time to browse an archaic incentive site trying to figure out how to earn and/or claim the rewards or SPIF on a particular deal.

The AI-infused IA cloud:

  • Engages partner reps and expedites their experience
  • Takes an active role in predicting partners’ needs
  • Helps reps be more productive and sell smarter

Sorts and pushes the right promotion to the program’s dashboard – based on partner rep behaviors, specialization, certification, partner tier, and go-to-market.


Working in concert, AI-infused Incentives Automation and Ecosystem Orchestration platforms enable greater process automation within sales, marketing, service, and commerce.

Incentives Automation becomes the fuel that reduces the friction of every business process in Ecosystem Orchestration. This equates to everything from subtle nuances to improving partner satisfaction and game-changing capabilities.