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Do you know that just an estimated 11% of decision-makers are satisfied with their monitoring tools? In this white paper report, we have provided insightful information from our recent survey. You will get to understand why users are demanding new and innovative functionality from vendors.

This report reveals the outcome of a study conducted by 451 Research in July. Our study surveyed a total of 700 individuals in Europe and the United States. These individuals are not only decision-makers, but they also influence decisions concerning monitoring tools for their companies.


The essence of this white paper report is to emphasize the need for a change! “A change in what?” You may wonder—a difference in the variety of monitoring tools deployed today. We have exposited why many users are also clamoring for a significant change in the monitoring industry.

Furthermore, this white paper explains how integrated tools can solve several problems for your organization, from the simplification of vendor and tool management to providing new capabilities that will resolve the myriad of issues facing companies that are utilizing cloud-driven technologies. This report includes the most helpful information you need to alleviate and resolve the bulk of performance issues in your operations.

Are you a decision-maker in your organization? Or do you influence the decisions about monitoring tools in your organization? Then this white paper report is a must-read for you! We have conducted detailed research, and we have shared the results with you. The numbers, statistics, and facts are all in this report. Take advantage of this priceless treasure of insights to launch advanced analytics across metrics in your monitoring approaches. Download this white paper to learn more.