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An Omnichannel Customer Experience Is Possible - Here Are 4 Steps
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Did you know that a 2016 survey by CallCentre.co.uk found that “companies rank omnichannel as the second biggest challenge facing their contact centre, after people and processes?”

It may feel almost impossible for customer experience managers to keep up with evolving customer mindsets and changing customer behaviors. But if current infrastructures are not favorable to it, it could be bad for business.

The more technology advances, the more it is integrated into our everyday lives. As buyer’s behavior becomes more complex, marketers need to be able to respond with a holistic experience that aims to reach buyer right where they are — an omnichannel experience.

There are 4 ways to ensure this happens:

  1. Iterate your interactive voice response (IVR): Focus on the exact IVR flows and see which works best for each user and make improvements and scale easier and more efficient.
  2. Build click-to-call: Create a frictionless experience where customers connect easily with sales and support teams.
  3. Add messaging: “9 out of 10 people would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. However, only 4 out 10 contact centers support messaging as a customer contact channel.”
  4. Use task router: Be able to handle any inbound channel, maintain context, and route any task.