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Aligning Customer Communications and Customer Expectations In the 21st Century
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Customer service is really about meeting expectations and meeting expectations begins with two-way communication about what the customers want or need and what the company can provide.

The expectations that customers have today are shaped and built on the experiences they have had in the past whether it was with your company or with another company similar to yours. Companies have to at least meet, but in most cases, exceed these expectations in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For many customers, there isn’t a whole lot of gray area when it comes to company communication or service. Either it is great or it’s terrible. If it merely meet expectations, then it’s only doing what it is expected to do.

For marketers today, the real challenge is not only getting the message out but listening to the customer and getting the right message out in the right way at the right time.

Linking customer communications management to customer experience management allows for several barriers to be removed. Thus, your company will be able to:

#1 Introduce efficient processes that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

#2 Develop personalized and relevant messaging through the channels or mediums your customers are most familiar with.

#3 Ensure that messages are consistent internally and externally.

#4 Drive collaboration and teamwork across functions.

#5 Get the entire company speaking the language of the customer by taking on the customer’s perspective.