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As the world dives deeper and deeper into the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, all eyes are set on the healthcare sector. Every decision made by people in power about treatments, practices and management are of the utmost importance as they affect how and when the world turns back to normalcy.

Much of the healthcare and medical organizations are facing an unforeseen burden due to the pandemic. This is the time for the sector to employ technology and optimize their time and energy efficiently to create accurate, faster and effective systems for a faster turnaround rate for patients.

A new innovation does just that. It enables the doctors for a quick detection of the virus through the use of X-Rays, CT Scans and AI all in under 10 minutes. The software can help detect COVID along with various other ailments for adults. To boost results, they also use a CT scan to determine the lung conditions, a marker for COVID cases. As for kids, the X-Rays can detect cases of pneumonia contractions which can further hint at the odds of having COVID. This is a very important development as children are more likely to catch the virus.

The benefits of such a system are huge. The first and foremost advantage is how the infrastructure for X-Rays already exists. This takes away the pressure of setting up new detection centers from scratch. These tests also claim of having a very low error rate. The wait and success lies in how quickly such a technology can be adopted and implemented.