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Advance Your Career with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI, is an information technology infrastructure that is defined by software that virtualizes networking and storage, systems which are conventionally defined as hardware. Hyper-converged infrastructure includes virtualized computing through a hypervisor, a storage area network defined by software, and networking also defined by software.

Unlike converged infrastructure or CI, hyper-converged infrastructure is implemented virtually in software rather than physically in hardware. Hyper-converged infrastructure brings flexibility, federates, simplifies, and automates management, increases the utilization of resources where possible, reduces inefficiency, reduces total cost of ownership, automates provisioning, consolidates operations, and provides high performance and availability, ensuring that companies do not need to deal with the limitations of traditional infrastructure.

It is well-known that many businesses and organizations are turning to hyper-converged infrastructure and hyper-converged integrated systems (HCIS), which simplifies management, lowers costs, and makes infrastructure agile through software, as the alternative to traditional hardware-based infrastructure and the complex processes, lack of flexibility, and high costs that it entails.

This shift in technology is changing the roles of IT professionals at many different levels and making it essential for them to learn new skills, use new tools, and increase their knowledge to advance their careers and stay in high demand. If you are one of these IT professionals looking to move their career forward through becoming knowledgeable with hyper-converged infrastructure and hyper-converged integrated systems, you should download this white paper.

This whitepaper explains how hyper-converged infrastructure will have a positive effect on how you work, through allowing to become less dependent on others and more self-sufficient, increasing productivity, making collaboration and information exchange faster and more natural, and elimination of the codependent relationship between virtual infrastructure administrators and storage administrators, This white paper shows where and how you should improve your technical and business skills to move your career forward by using hyper-converged infrastructure.